Featured Recipe Query: Crunchy rice

What do you do with this much extra brown rice? These are two real-live views of our fridge from a few months ago. We ordered Chinese food for four, and later that night, one of us got hungry again and ordered a dish from the joint on the corner that delivers until 12am (this was a particularly intense ordering-in day). The remaining unopened boxes could either be given away, eaten soon, or saved until they got crunchier and made into something later.


And this is another view of our fridge:


We need your ideas for those recipes that involve the rice staying put! We tend to reheat our brown rice from takeout and serve it a week or two later. Inevitably, it’s a little dehydrated, but it works. Do you use water, broth, or something else to make your rice stay “ricey”?Have you found a way to use crunchy rice in recipes? What about on top of savory pies? Take a walk on the wild side: what about crunchy rice instead of typical cake crumble in certain recipes? Submit your ideas to us!

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