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This is your place to write in with solutions to problems and problems that need solutions. Questions have tended to fall into the following categories: Egg cookery, rice preservation, condiment & sauce queries, and food drop off logistics. Here are two of the most pressing:

What should I do about rice that gets hard and dry and cold in my fridge? How long can it stay there before it gets stale?

We think rice can stay for about two weeks before it gets really stale. Simply microwave rice for a few minutes to get the chill out (take care to remove the metal handle before you microwave).

Do you scoop out rice from a full, unused box, to make room for an egg?

Yes, this is necessary if you’re working with a full box, but you can usually compress the rice a bit, too.

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  1. What a great idea! But please explain the hard part (no pun intended) – how to PEEL the egg.
    I find I often have trouble peeling the egg – part of the white comes off with the shell. Any suggestions?

  2. Good question, Rachelle.

    The egg doesn’t need to be peeled for Egg in a Box to work — just leave it in the shell.

    Thanks for writing!

  3. I think the egg should be peeled. It’s more appetizing that way. Shouldn’t we add some salt and pepper too? We don’t want the meal to be bland and boring.
    What do you think? Emily

  4. I love this egg in a box idea. It looks like two sisters are on their way to change the world!!!!!

  5. I like the new images. And I think it is time to take this project to a new level. How about partnering with Chinese restaurants. You give them for free empty rice boxes with the “egg in a box” url, and people will check this out when they order. It’s time to spread the message around!!!!

  6. Hello, nice idea, go ahead with it!
    Rachelle, to peel an egg whithout any problem you must put it under cold water from the faucet as soon as is boiled, then peel it there and eat it with no fear to chew shell. Good luck. (excuse for my english)

  7. Thanks, Berna! Is there any preferred length of time to hold the egg under the water? By the way, what do you think is better – to peel the egg or leave it unpeeled in the box? Thanks again, Rachelle

  8. Hey guys, Great idea – simple but elegant. have you considered any other kinds of protein? Something easy that goes with the rice -say, beans for a Latino/Chinese repast, cheese and ketchup for an Italian snack? Anything else ? Keep the ideas coming and good luck – Mike

  9. Congratulations on your project. It sounds smart and effective. One question, however: Why only one egg? Why not two? Seems as though a hungry person would appreciate more, especially with the condiments. Maybe you can find some egg farmers who would be willing to donate some of their eggs for a free ad on your site. Wish you success with your mission.

  10. Hi Mike,
    Like your varied cuisines! How about olives for a Greek meal? In fact, why not put any kind of leftover into the box like a piece of fish or steak or chicken? Everyone has leftovers in their fridge or could have if they didn’t throw them out. Just wrap them in a piece of aluminum foil or saran wrap until you get some rice to put them with. What do all you EgginaBoxers think? Amy

  11. I do love this project – but how to engage the average eater?
    There is always the math.
    If you save your rice from dinner the night before and take it into work with you as well as a boiled egg you save probably close to an average of 5 to 7 bucks a meal. Do that once a week… you can save between 250 and 300 dollars a year (or 50 more days of Chinese food!)
    But money won’t work alone as we have seen with suvs and gas prices.
    How many calories an grams of fat are in that big mac/ham sandwich combo compared to the clean carb energy in rice and protein in eggs.

    So in the end you can save over $300 + your hart + your scale.

    Out of curiosity anybody know how many calories in a standard value meal compared to 1.5cups of white rice and a HBE? 50 times a year it will be near the equivalent of not eating for 10 days i am sure.

    What do you think?

  12. when will this great project hava a profile on face-book? I want to make it my friend.

  13. Dear Peter,
    Your analysis is right-on. I don’t think Egginabox was originally aimed at the average eater, just the hungry, but what a concept! It fits right in with current ideas about healthy eating, recycling resources, saving the planet, and the predicted recession. I can already picture the Egginabox line of food in my local supermarket. What do the sisters think about this new direction? Amy

  14. Icechewer: So, you think we should be on Facebook? Intriguing idea. We love every bit of your support and will let you know when we create profiles to “friend.”

    Peter: Absolutely great idea. That’s a whole other thread that Egg in a Box is now going to address: conservation for those who are fortunate not to be hungry, and don’t want to waste food. Thank you for bringing that to the forefront of our conversation.

    Berna: Thanks for your help! We’re glad to see that you’ve found us in South America.

    Amy: Yes to your recipe ideas! And everyone: please submit your full-fledged recipes to us, and we’ll publish them.

  15. I find that homeless people often want coins or dollars. Sometimes, I offer leftovers and they aren’t into it. And these are usually delicious leftovers straight froma restaurant so I am not sure if egg and rice would really go over that well. They could get a better meal at a soup kitchen, no?

  16. all of this talk of eggs and rice is making me hungry. i think it is time for lunch!

    excellent site and advice ladies. i think even here in vegan san francisco people will enjoy egg in a box.

  17. here in san francisco i rarely have extra rice. i am not sure if this is an east coast/west coast thing. i mean, the boxes look about the same size as the ones on your site, but are the portions different? i guess the problem being is that i usually eat all of my rice and have no extra for experimentation. but anyway, what i really wanted to ask is , how long is too long to keep rice out before reheating and eating?

  18. Hi everyone,
    I thought of how to make it easy. When you are preparing your own regular dinner, take out any boxes of rice you may have in your fridge. Put the rice on/in the stove, oven, microwave, toasteroven, or whatever you are cooking or heating your dinner on or in. Eat your dinner. When you are finished, take any protein or vegetable leftover you have and add them to the now warm rice. If you are going out, take your Egg in a Box with you and give it away, or leave it near a trash can for someone to find.
    Hey Sisters, could receptacles – like the ones used for free newspapers – be placed on streets where food could be left? Emily

  19. Hey,
    You’ve got a nice idea, but you don’t have the methodology in place. People don’t want to go hunting for takers for your food. What you need is a closed receptacle, like the ones that hold free newspapers, that you can put at certain locations in the city so folks who are hungry can know where to pick up food. Why don’t you find out who sets those up? Then four legged critters who roam the streets won’t help themselves to your offerings (sorry Emily, I wouldn’t put bags of food on the streets).
    Here’s the problem though. Those boxes have to be cleaned out if no one wants the food, or else we have a health issue. Maybe the sanitation dept. will lend a hand. Someone should get on the phone with city or town officials, or food organizations that might be willing to pitch in if you give them credit on this website – free advertising is a great thing – lots of luck – Andy

  20. Bonjour!

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