Summer Fourteen

Hello, hi, greetings, friends! ~ we’re still here. We hope you are doing well! In the years since Egginabox started, one of the things that has changed – for the better – is that far less rice is being given with Chinese food takeout. We gradually have started to think about how to keep up with the times, since we have less rice to work with, and less need to make productive use of the rice with hard boiled eggs, condiments, and all of the other goodies that can have a new life. {Many extra condiments, however, are still going strong in many types of takeout.} We’ve decided to give Egginabox an art component, as we create artwork that reveals the same values that started this project. At the same time, we will still work on making use of leftover food at home and to come up with new foods to add to the hard boiled egg giveaway. What other boxes – besides rice boxes – are you thinking inside of? Let us know. And have a lovely end of August. Talk to you soon!

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