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About the Sisters

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

The older sister studied creative writing in the Midwest. She brings a professional omelette of teacher, writer, and editor to Egg in a Box. She feels at home in the art studio and anywhere where Cadbury eggs may be found. Currently, she is pursuing graduate studies in poetry.

The younger sister studies folklore in the Midwest. Her professional background consists of travel, research, and observation. She is currently writing about how ritual and architecture intersect. She is also a potter whenever near a wheel, scrambling clay and color along her journeys.

Both sisters are huge fans of Chinese food takeout and diner breakfasts. They hope that conservation will become as creative as thinking inside the box—because there’s nothing wrong with that!

Write to us at egginabox at gmail dot com.

What’s Egg in a Box?

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

We’re two sisters in New York who believe that the extra rice you get with Chinese food takeout can have a new life. If you’re like us, you get far too much rice with your delivery—much more than you can eat. Being a good conservator, you save it in the fridge, but it inevitably gets stale and thrown out. We got to thinking one evening that if we only added an egg to the rice, the leftovers would become a nutritious meal for a hungry person, and Egg in a Box was born.

Our idea is simple. Next time you have an extra box of rice, throw in a hard boiled egg and drop it off wherever you’d leave leftovers (replate it) — or eat it yourself. Almost everyone has extra eggs, so boil a few at a time, store them in the fridge, and the fun begins! Plus, don’t you love the name Egg in a Box? Let’s get started!

Egg in a Box is about starting conversations about conservation and about thinking creatively in the box.

Write to us at egginabox at gmail dot com.

About the Sisters