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The Egg In A Box Discussion Board

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

This is your place to write in with solutions to problems and problems that need solutions. Questions have tended to fall into the following categories: Egg cookery, rice preservation, condiment & sauce queries, and food drop off logistics. Here are two of the most pressing:

What should I do about rice that gets hard and dry and cold in my fridge? How long can it stay there before it gets stale?

We think rice can stay for about two weeks before it gets really stale. Simply microwave rice for a few minutes to get the chill out (take care to remove the metal handle before you microwave).

Do you scoop out rice from a full, unused box, to make room for an egg?

Yes, this is necessary if you’re working with a full box, but you can usually compress the rice a bit, too.